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this site needs an overhaul. that is ‘aull.

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APRIL FO- actually here’s a new EP.

you know how i havent released anything throughout the whole of 2013 and 2014? well i was still writing.. so here you are. as is often the case lovely album art by james again.

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a different 4 digit number to last time

this site needs an overhaul, i’ve said that before. i suppose i could sweep through every page and close comments.

anyway i’m writing new songs and sort of working on a new bandcamp EP. the shocking realisation hit me that i haven’t released anything on there since december 2012. oops! though i did spend the entirety of 2013 whipping a band into being able to play my needlessly large catalogue of songs. and then a while actually playing them at some pubs.

since that point the lineup has changed. we are now finally back up to 4 members which is the minimum requirement for playing these songs live. so that should be happening again soon though with a rather different flavour given 50% of the band are now different people. interestingly these new guys are both about 10 years my senior which makes for an odd social dynamic. i’m a mere child telling them what to do and providing them with all the material. i suppose it just goes to show that my style and influences appeal exclusively to those of more advanced years. i never will get those 18 year old groupies now will i.

i feel the urge to write new things but i need to tidy up (by which i mean drop) some older ones to make space. this is madness… a smalltime band who have only played a handfull of pub gigs and we have 2+ hours of material and insufficient time to rehearse it all.

i’ve gotten to that stage now where i’ve set myself so many tasks in new projects and material that i have no idea which to tackle first. or why. maybe i’ll just get drunk in a corner and not make anything. maybe i’ll sit down and crap out a whole album again. maybe i’ll eat a pony.

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2014 -2014 – 2014- oops

jesus bastarding arsecheese i’m bad at remembering to do things. this place is in a sorry state. i’ve been thinking for a long while now that it needs a complete overhaul. cut the extraneous bollocks and move away from wordpress, for the simple reason that a popular infrastructure like this is extremely spamable.

that and i feel most of the downloads here could just be thrown on one page for “old stuff i’m not at all proud of”. i’d love to look into putting the really big sky soundtrack somewhere obvious for people to download but there’s complications with that.

my excuse for not posting here in exactly one and a half yonks goes thusly: i had that ungodly hours/0 hours job, i fell into a classic don’t-want-to-move-or-live episode which i have every now and then. when a site like this is left alone it becomes an ever increasingly daunting task to claw it back from the ocean of spam. also the concern that i have nothing interesting to say. umpteen updates of excuses for why i’m not doing stuff in a row doesn’t make for good reading.

the MrPineapple live band is still a thing. i’m still here, the guitarist came back, we have a new drummer who is a thoroughly cool bloke. we have no bass.

besides playing an embarrassingly large number of hours on killing floor (and offering my voice talents to tripwire for a laugh) i’ve spend the majority of the year doing naff-all. i toyed with a re-re-make of the MrPineapple game but hit a technical brick wall which i personally am not clever enough to work around. james’ latest game he’s been working on for an ice age and a half now is being scored by someone else. but my material might just make an appearance in there. tee and/or hee.
my friend andy and i are working on a cute little platformer in the style of early 90s mascot games. think amiga/megadrive type feel. obviously i’ll do the music for it.

i have no idea what will happen with anything. so expect … err… thing. s.

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2014 – 2014

hello i am still here, renewal happened. i was thinking that i wouldn’t be able to afford it this year but i got a job in a warehouse so that happened. it does require being ready to get up at 2am more or less any day they decree. very short notice, it’s one of those 0 hour contracts so really.. it’s something which is better than nothing.

in band related newwwts our 2nd guitarist got bored and sort of wondered off, we can still function surprisingly well as 3 though. trouble is my brother the outstanding bass playing weird al haired somm-bitch is moving away in a few months… great change is A FOOT.

oh also a remake of satan sam is happening “some time this year” james thinks and i’ve already started on the soundtrack to that.

oh… OH but the other thing, the other reason i haven’t updated here is that my posh SSD died, which was my C drive at the time, i’m currently residing on a 5 year old XP install with serious issues. blahdy blurghdy. new songs on the way, 3-piece band doings on the way, game soundtrack on the way, nothing able to be done just yet. the end.

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such promise this year had. it wasn’t terrible really but i do feel slightly ashamed that i didn’t release anything. the time usually allocated to composing new material and/or mixing them down for bandcamping was spent instead on getting a (the) live band to grips with enough of my old songs to be able to play some gigs. and gigs play some we did. do. all that said there are new songs waiting to be finished and released.

this coming year i’ll have at least one game soundtrack which i will (hopefully) release on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want and perhaps a little EP size release too of guitary song stuff.

one of our early gigs was livestreamed and i managed to nick the footage and put some on youtube. the quality is as you would expect for a stream. also they cropped our second guitarist out for some reason. oh well look at this whydoncha.

we won at the end:

more gigging will take place this coming year. also we’re looking into adding the synth sounds of the original recordings back in via my dilapidated macbook plugged into the PA and our drummer. lets hope all that stuff works ay AY.

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a phone video

this happened with minimal editing. proof therefore not only that this band is now a band but also that i can play in front of a whole crowd of about 10 (the weather was horrible and it was a school night shurrup).

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we have a couple next week. if you happen to be local then why not ask facebook about it? it knows these things: THIS then THIS. it’s not much but it will be interesting to play some of these songs in front of those human things. see what they think. what’s funny is i really don’t know how i’ll react to the presence of said humans. am i meant to say “WOOO WE’RE MISTA PINE APPOOLL WOOO” between each song? whilst doing a splits style power-stance with one foot on an uncomfortably high amp?

anyway… money is insanely tight at the moment so i may have to borrow some gear and not drink… but not drinking is a good idea. i need my finger accuracy. perhaps i should be prospecting for more contracts myself and updating this site rather than putting all my time into this band as a band. that said, playing with a band at full volume is more fun than i expected, i’m not a natural leader and i don’t find it easy to impose my will onto them… even if all the songs are my work and they’re literally asking “what should i do here?”… lessons…… interesting lessons.

all useful skills i’m sure.

oh also i’m seeing they might be giants play soon. that should be interesting. they inspired me at various points. surreal silly is very much a theme i enjoy and took on board from them. “lets write a song about a metaphor which we can’t quite remember”.

blergerflarrg maybe i should record some more rehearsals and upload them to soundcloud again just for something for my tens of visitors here to listen to. things are quiet on this internet based side right now but i’m far from doing nothing. honest. scouts honour.

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have some shoddy rehearsal recordings.

not much has really happened happened of late, we’re more or less ready to gig and i’m looking into getting 1 or more of said thing.

there may well be more tasty bossbaddie stuff on it’s way.

in the meantime here’s some rehearsal shite i’ve been uploading to soundcloud. our rehearsal room is nice but the vocals havent been going through the PA, only the monitors so we can hear them and YOU (the recording device) can’t… need to keep some mystery right?

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ex coose S

i’ve not been making things have i. there’s a very good reason. my guitar amp (which also serves as my DI) has been broken for a couple of weeks now. i sent it off for fixage but everyone is slow to do things it would seem. it’s not just me who drags my heels when it comes to doing a thing that needs doing. so thats my (for once fairly decent) excuse for not making new things. i never really realised just how vital my guitar amp is in my setup… very.

anyway despite this lack of home recording ability i am pushing on with the band. we SHOULD be giggable very soon. it’s just a case of drumming (heh) the structures of the chosen songs into the memory of the drummer and then playing in a place in front of some people as they consume alcohol.

this wasn’t a very interesting post was it.

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